It's time to get your Cleanse ON!

Have you been thinking about cleaning out your body of unwanted toxins, but just haven't had the knowledge or willpower to start? Well, look no further because help is on the way! After 20 years of following my own cleansing and detoxifying protocols, as well as leading others in extended cleanses, I know what it takes to get your body functioning optimally. A cleanse like this will recharge you to get up and go! During this cleanse you will take supplements to support your organs, reverse inflammation (puffiness and weight gain), and get that spring back in your step. As it gets colder here in Bend, it's a perfect time to recharge your immunity to avoid getting the regular colds and flu common this time of year. A lot of those symptoms are just the body wanting to rid itself of excess mucus and toxins quickly. When we cut out those inflammatory and mucus forming foods such as meat, sugar, gluten, and dairy, and replace them with high vibration, nourishing soups, smoothies, juices, salads and more, we become supercharged and ready to face the winter head-on.  


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We need 24 hours notice to get your cleanse ready. 

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1. Blended-Juice Cleanse

Blended Smoothies, Soups, Juice, and Elixirs: 

1. Liver Cleanser Drink

2. Golden Milk

3. Love Power Smoothie

4. Vitalberry Green Smoothie 

5. Blended Avocado Soup
6. Lucious Green Juice 

7. Very Veggie Broth

3-Day Cleanse: $150

5-Day Cleanse: $250

2. Ketogenic Blended-Juice Cleanse

Juice, Broth, and Blended Foods Cleanse: 

Same as #1 but No apples or fruit are used in this cleanse. 

$45 per day  

3-Day Cleanse: $135 

5-Day Cleanse: $225

3.Devotional Juice Cleanse

Juice only:

1x Anti-Inflammatory Carrot Juice 

2x Luscious Green Juice

1x Very Veggie Broth

1x Liver Cleanser Drink 

$40 per day

3-Day Cleanse $120

5-Day Cleanse $200

4. Seriously Green Juice Cleanse

4x Get Lean Green Juice

1x Liver Cleanser Drink 

1x Very Veggie Broth 

$45 per day

3-Day Cleanse: $135

5-Day Cleanse: $225

Cleanse Drinks Explained

All organic, gluten-free, vegan. Unfortunately, since our Cleanses is made to order, we cannot offer refunds for last minute cancellations or non-pickup.

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